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Poseiden Foundation Oahu Tour 2012 / Underexposed Teaser

The Poseiden Foundation brought a group of female professional skateboarders including two-sport X-Games medalist and U.S. Olympian Cara-Beth Burnside on a goodwill tour of Oahu speaking at schools and skating with kids at local skateparks. For more teasers, visit the Underexposed page. For more info on the Poseiden Foundation, visit poseidenfoundation.org

Girls Combi Classic Recap / Underexposed Teaser

The Girls Combi Pool Classic is the biggest and most prestigious female-only bowl contest in skateboarding. Allysha Bergado won the second annual installment, with Underexposed director Amelia Brodka taking fifth place
. For more teasers, visit the
Underexposed page.

Tutorial Tuesdays

Tutorial Tuesdays is a series of instructional videos shot for EarthBox featuring members
of the EarthBox office staff.
For more of the videos, please visit the Tutorial Tuesdays page.

Two Dog Organic Nursery

Over the course of sixteen months, Jo Anne Trigo went from planting her first EarthBox to becoming Los Angeles' only certified organic veggie nursery, offering bi-weekly EarthBox classes.

Lanny Birch's Skatepark blog: Hannah Fontana

Lanny seems to be the only person at Fontana North skatepark that
doesn't realize that Julz is in fact, Julie Kindstrand.

Lanny Birch's Skatepark Blog: MontClairemont

Lanny and Chris are joined by new cast member and 2009 Women's World Cup Champion Julie Kindstrand.

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